John Bobbitt: “People defend abused women, why not defend abused men?”

John Bobbitt, enraged by the documentary about the case that shocked the world 25 years ago: “They paint me like a villain but she cut my penis” John Wayne Bobbitt complained about the producers of the new scandal series for trying to describe him as someone that is violent and abusive.

“People defend abused women, why not defend abused men?” Complains John Wayne Bobbitt, 25 years of the night in which his then partner mutilated his penis while he slept and before the premiere of a documentary that, according to the complaint, tries to clean the image of Lorena Bobbitt, exonerated by the justice after alleging “temporary dementia.”


“Lorane lied and planned all of this, she did it and she still does it,” he said in an interview with Fox News. “I was abused by Lorena, she cut my penis, I woke up without a penis, I was depressed, I was ashamed, she wanted everything and nothing was going to get in her way,” he added bitterly.

John Bobbitt: “People defend abused women, why not defend abused men?”

The hero of the violent act also complained about the production of “Lorena,” the Amazon Studios docuseries that opens this week and focuses on the seemingly stormy relationship that both held in 1993. “It was a nightmare, a hell,” Lorena Gallo (maiden name) says about the event.

At the time, John was also charged with marital rape, a charge that sounded odd to a time when the possibility of abuse within marriage was hardly considered. Bobbitt, now 51, said that the producers who interviewed him did not explain what it was and said it was a documentary that still had no title. “They did not want to tell me it was for Lorena,” he reproached.

With regard to the focus of the series and the intention of the filmmakers, he added: “They are trying to paint me as a bad guy, a violent and evil guy, they took me to a shooting range, shoot with various weapons, driving my Harley Davidson, wearing a skull mask and all that, they wanted to have it on video, obviously portraying a bad guy.”

John Bobbitt: “People defend abused women, why not defend abused men?”

For his part, director Joshua Rofé responded to Fox News that the documentary has statements from more than 40 sources to have “a complete picture of the events.” Offering a general picture, for the director, involves portraying another look about women. As he considered, this opportunity was not offered to Lorena Gallo during the media scandal, since “the story was badly constructed and sensationalized unfairly in the public opinion.”

The woman, for her part, has claimed to have been part of a “vicious cycle of domestic violence” and maintains that she felt cornered by her husband. “I did not know where to go, I was isolated, I felt like I was incarcerated in my own home.”

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