Joy and sorrow spatter from British front pages

The British newspapers are very divided about the preliminary election results. “Nightmare for Christmas” wails the left-wing Daily Mirror, while the Brexit-minded “Daily Mail” rejoices about the imminent “thunderous victory of” Boris.

‘Rejoice! Boris set for thumping win’, headlines the Brexit-minded Daily Mail:

‘The Sun’ takes the lead in terms of ‘The Dog’s Bollox’ ‘the dog’s balls’, with a large photo of Johnson and his dog that he took to the polling station yesterday morning.

The Daily Express is also satisfied: “Victory for Boris and for Brexit”, it says with cow letters on the front page.

The left-wing newspaper ‘The Guardian’, which is absolutely against the Brexit and therefore also against Johnson – and is the only newspaper that does not depict the Prime Minister, but shows a Santa Claus at a polling station – heads with a calm ‘exit poll predicts huge majority for Johnson’.

Metro UK keeps it simple: “Landslide for Boris”.

Scottish newspapers

The Scottish newspapers mainly refer to the expected ‘landslides’ of the Tories and the Scottish SNP. The largest newspapers immediately warn of an imminent constitutional crisis, as the SNP will push for a second independence referendum.

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