Justin Bieber (24) wants sex twice a day

Justin Bieber (24) already mentioned it in interviews. Making love is the first and the last thing he does every day.

Justin Bieder and her Fiancee

‘I think that’s the best way to start the day’, says the pop star. “You wake up, you see your loved one lying next to you… If you do not feel like it, something is wrong with your relationship.” So Justin also wants sex every night before bedtime. “That works relaxing,” he says. ‘Ideal to get rid of all stress and to relax completely. I love to fall asleep in the arms of my love after a free party. That is something I do not want to skip a single evening.”

But according to insiders, Justin prefers even more sex because he reportedly has a ‘huge libido’. So he almost never stays out of twice a day.

Screaming away

‘Justin also likes to have a quickie during the day’, says someone from his house staff. ‘Recently he suddenly felt like he and his fiancée Hailey Baldwin (21) were far away from home. Justin just decided to enter a luxury hotel and quickly rent a room. After half an hour or so, he counted no less than 1,000 euros.’

His exaggerated sex drive is according to well-informed sources in Hollywood the reason why some of his ex-girlfriends have run away from his screaming: “Girls as model Chantal Jeffries, actress Nicola Peltz, model Shanina Shaik and even the experienced Kourtney Kardashian… They did not know what happened to them. They could not handle that either. Some even called Justin abnormal.”

Zot of him Justin Bieber 

That was also the case with Selena Gomez. According to insiders, she herself has a ‘healthy sexual appetite’, but not to the same extent as Justin. Because she did not want to make love often enough, he also deceived her. In the entourage of Justin Bieber it is said that Hailey Baldwin does not have to be afraid of it.

Why not? “Because she has known Justin for a long time,” she sounds. “She used to have a romance with him, actually even twice. Hailey knew very well what his ‘problem’ is. She knew exactly where she started when she and Justin became a couple again a few months ago. And she’s talking about it. For Hailey, nothing is too much to tie Justin to. She has always seen him as a soul, and now even more than before. Even though her friends declare her crazy, Hailey is absolutely captivated by Justin and really wants to do everything for him. So also make three, four times a day.”

But Hailey now also has a plan. She hopes to get pregnant soon…

Solemn promise

‘At first she did not want a child for a long time’, she knows in her immediate environment. ‘Hailey did not want to endanger her starting model career at all but in the meantime she thinks very differently about that…’

Justin Bieber once said that the separation of his parents is the biggest trauma in his life and that he will never do such a thing to his own children. “Whatever happens, I will always stay with my children’s mother,” Justin has solemnly promised.

Hailey sees a baby as a guarantee to have Justin on her side forever. That is why she willingly submits to his lusts, it sounds to people who know her well. “And yes, she just finds Justin very sexy too. For her, making love with him several times a day is not a punishment. So, the two actually fit together incredibly well.”

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