Kim Jong-un writes a letter to Trump and asks for a new meeting

Will there be a new summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump? The chance seems big, as the White House shows.

Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said today that Donald Trump has received a letter from Kim Jong-un, in which the latter asks for a new meeting with the American president.

According to Sanders, it is a “very warm and positive letter” from Kim Jong-un. “The main purpose of the letter is to ask for a new meeting with President Trump,” says Sanders. “We are open to that and the process of organizing this has already been set in motion.”

Both leaders met each other on June 12 in Singapore for the first time. The then essentially agreed denuclearization of North Korea, however, according to experts has not yet started.

However, Trump only had praise for the regime in North Korea because no intercontinental missiles were shown at a military parade in Pyongyang.

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