#KoalaChallenge, one of the most difficult challenges [Videos]

#KoalaChallenge! New challenge after ten years challenge. This new challenge began to flood social networks and has been characterized by its difficulty, as it tests the dexterity and strength of the participants. It’s about #KoalaChallenge, the latest Instagram sensation.

This challenge consists of climbing and moving around the body of a partner without lowering the feet to the ground, in any way as if it were a firm trunk. One person emulates being a tree and another koala; while he/she struggle to stay firm and not succumb to the weight that moves around the body, the other strives not to fall and even pass under the legs of the ‘tree’ … without being fractured the neck or arms.

Despite how simple it may seem, #KoalaChallenge is not for anyone, it requires great strength and body control. This challenge is gaining more followers and participation every day and has been largely successful with bloggers promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as athletes, according to the Journalist Digital portal. It is for that reason that it is considered a fitness challenge.

It is believed that the #KoalaChallenge originated on the beaches of Australia; however, it is not known exactly when or where it started. In any case, it has already been replicated in a huge number of countries.

#KoalaChallenge, one of the most difficult challenges [Videos]

This challenge has been considered as one of the most physically demanding; however, it has been made by people with all kinds of complexions and, to achieve the #KoalaChallenge, they are more than motivated to presume that they are owners of an enviable force.

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