Lady (26) couldn’t recognize her age, name, boyfriend after nosebleed

A 26-year-old woman from London has suddenly forgotten her entire life after an apparently normal nosebleed. After the incident, Sophie Clayton first forgot the date, age, then her name and then really everything from recent years. ‘My entire memory has evaporated. I had to get to know my boyfriend again, with whom I had two years of pleasant relationship.’

The extraordinary story of Sophie Clayton is widely reported in British media that speak of an ‘unprecedented and special personal drama’. Clayton, who is still rehabilitating mentally and physically, also has her say.

She no longer knows anything about the past. However, she is aware of what happened to her after the nosebleed and what caused her extreme memory loss. “It was not your average nosebleed, the doctors have told me, but a rare defect in the crucial connection between the brain and nervous system. The bleeding occurred when that crucial connection was broken.”

Sophie Clayton sat in the kitchen with her parents during the major incident. The nosebleed lasted for almost twenty minutes. Her mom tried to stop the bleeding, but it didn’t work. When a little blood came out of her left eye, and she is no longer had any feeling in the left half of her body. She was taken to hospital by ambulance with screaming sirens.

There, after several scans and tests, a particular neurological condition was found that very occasionally occurs with depression and stress. But Sophie Clayton never had any problems with that. The doctors now think it is a congenital disability. And it could have happened to her at any time.


With the help of her parents and friend Jonathan Wilson (26), the woman has somewhat resumed the thread of her life. Wilson, Clayton says, has made photo books that contain essential moments from their relationship.

They started dating for the ‘first time’ again. At least, that’s how Sophie experienced it because she really didn’t know him anymore. Jonathan has officially started dating, and she agreed because he is cute. The two have now made several romantic trips.

She hopes that the hole in her memory will one day be closed, but the chances seem small, according to the doctors. Physically she is on the mend again. “What I’ve been through is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Pure horror! I don’t know anyone at all.”

Her boyfriend calls Sophie’s condition “sad”. It is strange and bizarre to suddenly no longer have a girlfriend because she no longer knows me. I still love her dearly. That has never changed. Sophie is different but still the same. Thankfully her personality and smile have not changed, Jonathan explained.

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