Lady Gaga considers quitting drinking

Lady Gaga is thinking about going through life sober. The singer would like to stop drinking, but she has not yet succeeded. For example, she explains in the Apple Music podcast of Zane Low.

It is a theme on her new album Chromatica, which will be out in a week. For example, she sings on the number 911 about an antipsychotic that she swallows. Although Gaga also suffers from chronic pain, she does not use anything for that.

“I don’t take pain medication because it is not healthy for me. But I flirted with the idea of sobriety. I’m not there yet, but on the whole album, I flirt with that idea. It’s something that came up when I was working on the pain I was feeling.”

The 34-year-old singer has not yet quit alcohol. “Part of my recovery was to think, well, I can curse myself every day that I still drink, or I can just be happy that I’m still alive and continuing to feel good enough.”

However, Gaga has stopped smoking. “I smoked while recording this album, and when we finished, I quit. It was the most bizarre and beautiful thing that could happen: that this music actually healed me.”

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