Lady married her father-in-law and ex-boyfriend of her sister

A young woman made a splash on the web as she recounted how she married her stepfather and her revelation sparked a long debate on Twitter. The young woman known by the pseudonym Tyffin on social media, said she is happy to be married to her stepfather who had divorced her mother because he was dating his sister.

Tyffin was answering a question from a Twitter user about what an individual would do if he found out within a few weeks of his marriage that his partner had gone out with a family member five years ago. “What would you do if you discovered a week before your wedding, that your partner had a relationship with a family member 5 years ago?”

Tyffin then answered the question by saying: “My stepfather went out with my sister, that led to her divorce with my mother and today we (her father-in-law and she’s ed) are happy married … then yes, you should not let that stop you.”

First Child

After this shocking revelation, she adds: “Of course, the whole family is cool with that, my mother stayed for 3 months after I had my first child and my sister continues to visit me, love sees at -such little things as the “past” that no one can change. Why him? He is a good man, so why not him?”

“You all disapprove of that but are cool with Adam and Eve or should I say Noah’s children, please it’s my life and my choice. Society should not impose rules on you. My husband did not deceive my mother, she only broke up with him because he already went to my sister. We spent that now,” she wrote.

“There was a lot of misunderstanding, please understand, my husband did not cheat on my mother with my sister, he went out with my sister before meeting my mother, I did not know it was so bad if not I would have kept it for myself, if you’re upset, we’re in Saarland, Germany,” reads the message.

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