Larry King didn’t die of corona, but who gets the inheritance?

Larry King did not die of the coronavirus last month, as was thought until now. Although the 87-year-old presenter was indeed infected with the virus, sepsis – or blood poisoning – appears to be the cause of his death.

According to ‘People’s magazine’ reports that viewed the coroner’s report. The blood poisoning was partly due to a condition that ensures that there was not enough oxygen in the blood. In addition, King also suffered from kidney failure. The presenter was hospitalized at the beginning of this year for a corona infection, where he eventually died on January 23.

He first stayed in intensive care but was later allowed to move to the ‘normal’ corona ward. His situation seemed to improve for a moment but deteriorated afterward.

Eventually he passed away, although the health of the television icon had been bad for several years now.

King fought against prostate and lung cancer, among other things. He also had diabetes and suffered a heart attack. In 2019 he was in a coma for weeks.

The last wife gets nothing

Meanwhile, more and more details about Larry King’s legacy are becoming known: the talk show host had a “handwritten will” ready, according to American media, stating that his fortune should be divided among his five children.

This involves a total of around 2 million dollars, remarkably less than many suspected. His seventh and last wife, Shawn Southwick, will get nothing, the document continues.

Larry King wrote the last known version of his will on October 17, 2019, barely two months after filing for divorce from then-wife Shawn.

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