Larry King’s last wife goes to court for not having a will

The woman Larry King was in divorce with at the time of his death last month is going to court to get part of the inheritance. Last week it was announced that the famous presenter had drawn up a new will in which wife Shawn King (61) no longer appears.

Shawn declares to the New York Post that she is willing to take legal action. She argues that she and Larry had a “watertight plan” for their finances and suggests someone forced her husband to trick his will to change in the fall of 2019. Larry King wrote the last known version of his will on October 17, 2019, barely two months after filing for divorce from then-wife Shawn.

“The Old Testament still exists, and that was his legitimate will. Period,” says wife Shawn King in the American newspaper. “I fully believe that will will be upheld, and my attorneys will probably appeal by the end of the day.”

Handwritten will

According to American media, the talk show host had a “handwritten will” ready, stating that his fortune should only be divided among his five children. It concerns a total of about 2 million dollars, including his two sons with Shawn. That is a much lower amount than many suspected. Last summer, the two children from his third marriage died shortly after each other.

Shawn Southwick had the honor of becoming the seventh Mrs. King in 1997, but three years later, the couple filed for divorce again. Still, they reconciled, until they decided to split up for good in 2019.

In his 1982 autobiography, King described himself as “a great date, but a worthless husband.” He also admitted what was causing all the trouble: his insatiable need to be seen and adored by models and celebrated beauties.

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