Girl get swollen face, temporary blindness, pus, after dying her hair

They say that the cheap thing is very expensive. And that is the lesson that a young woman had to learn, who is a victim of a terrible facial deformation. After trying a tremendous change of look.

A girl lived a nightmare when she was temporary blindness, chemical burns and swelling in her face. Until she reached the facial deformation after resorting to a famous brand of hair dyes.

The girl is identified as Riley O’Brien, eighteen years old, who was getting ready to have a girl’s night out with her friends. So, she bought a little box of dye to change the tone of her hair.

As explained by the woman, she prepared the mixture. And put it on her head without carrying out any previous tests to rule out allergies. After the contact of the chemicals with her skin.

Riley O’Brien applied the product generously. And ended the process, so she retired immediately with her friends. But, after a few drinks in a nightclub. And a moment of rest, she realized the next day that his forehead was very swollen.

Temporary blindness

The young woman panicked. And realized that the allergic reacting substances is in the ink. A situation in which even the water did not help.

The swelling spread to the area of the eyes. And cheeks to the point that she could not open his eyelids.

Which filled the girl with complete fear! The terror increased with different cavities of her body swollen. The woman began to secrete pus, leading Riley O’Brien to temporary blindness.

The family immediately took the young woman to the hospital. Where the doctors claimed that she suffered burns due to the allergic reaction. Riley O’Brien stated that she will not repaint her hair. And will accept her natural colour.

A decision she could have stacked at the initial stage. So, she advises the girls to use approved products in the laboratories. Making “sure that there will be no allergies in between.”

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