Liberia: 100 days of George Weah, what balance?

This Thursday, June 7, 2018 marks the 100 days of George Weah at the head of Liberia.

Having come to power on January 22, the record of the former footballer is quite mixed.

Between symbolic announcements and uncertainties, Weah had to face several difficulties.

When he came to power, he found almost empty state coffers with only “$53” in his own words.

Many changes in the administration

To carry out the mission for which he was made head of state, it took several weeks for Geoge Weah to set up his office.

First, he lowered his salary by 25%, as well as that of his ministers. One way for him, to reduce the loads of the state.

Despite this, the Head of State will have to implement several promises during election campaigns.

Among other things, it will have to put an end to the granting of Liberian nationality only to “people of color” but also to allow Liberians to have dual nationality, by changing a constitutional reform.

Several trips to attract investors

During these first 100 days, Weah has traveled extensively to find partners. Between Dakar, Paris, Abuja, Abidjan and Accra, he was dropped in several cities during seduction missions to convince his financial attractiveness and stability.

Among the flagship projects of his program, Weah will have to build a road network, improve the electric coverage which is only 19%, but also launch the fight against corruption.

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