Lightning disaster in bangladesh wedding, 17 people die

At a wedding in Bangladesh, 17 people were killed when lightning suddenly struck them. The revelers were on a boat during the dramatic incident. Fourteen other people were injured.

The groom and some guests were just docking the boat in the river town of Shibganj when disaster struck. Multiple lightning bolts struck the revelers, killing 17 people. The groom and 13 others were injured.

Lightning kills hundreds of people in Bangladesh every year. In 2016, the country even declared the natural phenomenon a natural disaster.

Then, in the month of May alone, 200 people were killed by a lightning strike. Most lightning deaths occur during the warm months from March to July.


Experts argue that the increase in deadly lightning strikes is due to deforestation in the country. This ensures that many tall trees disappear, which normally absorb the impacts.

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