Lost 10 kg: QAnon shaman refuses food in cell due to it’s not organic

Things are not going well for the QAnon shaman, the man who attracted attention during the storming of the Capitol with his striking outfit with fur cap and horns.

Three days after the riots, he was arrested and, according to his lawyer, he has since lost 10 kilograms. The reason: QAnon shaman refuses to eat because the prison doesn’t serve organic food. A judge has now ruled that the man should get what he asks for.

Jake Angeli – real name Jacob Chansley – is in jail for his participation in the Capitol’s deadly assault on January 6, which killed five people. According to his lawyer, QAnon shaman only eats organic food for religious and health reasons but does not get it in jail.

“My client adheres to the shamanic belief and the associated way of life,” the lawyer wrote to the court on Wednesday, according to news site Politico.

“If he eats non-organic foods or foods that contain unnatural chemicals, his body will respond in a way that is not only uncomfortable but also debilitating and dehydrating. He has already lost 10 kilograms and is getting worse.”

Severe disease

“Non-organic food could cause serious illness

in him,” the lawyer explains. “After all, he believes that diseases arise outside the body and enter the body through unhealthy objects. In shamanism, body, mind, and soul are linked, and care for all three is necessary for my client to exercise his faith.”

Chansley filed a request last week to be able to get organic food. He would not have eaten since the morning of January 25 and asked for canned vegetables, canned wild-caught tuna, and canned organic soup.

“I will continue to pray despite the pain and do my best not to complain,” he wrote. “I have deviated from my spiritual diet only a few times in the past eight years, with damaging physical consequences. As a spiritual person, I am willing to suffer for my faith, hold on to my beliefs, and bear the weight of their consequences.”

The lawyer at the penal institution where QAnon shaman is staying disputes that the man has stopped eating. After an attempt to come to an amicable agreement failed, a federal judge ruled Wednesday afternoon that Chansley should effectively be jailed for organic food.

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