Man plans bomb attack on ‘cheerleaders’ but it explodes in his hands

A man from the US state of Virginia lost one hand and several fingers from a bomb he made for an attack on ‘handsome cheerleaders’ suddenly exploded, according to evidence from the charges against him in court on Friday.

23-year-old Cole Carina is suspected of making a false statement saying he had been involved in a lawnmower accident. Carina seems to be a so-called ‘incel’, someone who appears unable to enter into a sexual relationship with a woman.

His hands would have got into the lawnmower, and that was Carina’s story to a local sheriff after he reported to the emergency room of the Clinch Valley Medical Center on Wednesday. He had lost one hand, and the same was true for some fingers of his other hand. He had metal shards in his neck and face.

Authorities decided to search the injured man’s home in Richlands. He had already been convicted for making explosives. Once there, a blood trail ran from the driveway to the house, up the stairs, to a bedroom.

 23-year-old suspect Cole Carina.
©Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office – 23-year-old suspect, Cole Carina

In the room, they found explosives, rusty nails, metal pipes, and meat scraps. In other words: everything to put together a bomb and pieces of Carina’s hand. The window blinds were damaged, a piece of meat stuck to the ceiling.

Crumpled letter

Carina’s grandmother lives down the street. In a shed behind that house, the researchers found further evidence of explosives manufacturing.

There was also a crumpled letter. It talked about a bomb attack in a shopping center and the tension he felt “approaching a stage of handsome cheerleaders.” “I will not be afraid of the consequences, and I will be heroic, I will make a statement just like Elliott Rodgers.”

In 2014, Rodgers killed six people and injured 14 near Santa Barbara, and took his own life. He left a manifesto in which he wrote: “If I cannot get you (girls, ed.), I will destroy you.” Rodgers then became an example to young, disgruntled men who felt rejected by the opposite sex and were “involuntarily celibate.”

In North America, that movement is known as ‘incels’, involuntary celibates. The attack by Chris Harper, who shot and killed a teacher and eight classmates in Oregon in 2015, is also included in that term.

This also applies to the atrocity of Alek Minassian, who killed ten people in Toronto in 2018 with his van. He drove into a group of pedestrians, mostly women. Minassian had posted a message on Facebook shortly before saying that ‘the Incel Rebellion’ had started.

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