Man who set himself on fire at the White House died

The American man who set fire to himself yesterday near the White House in Washington DC died. Reuters reports this based on official sources.

The Secret Service, responsible for the security of the presidential residence and immediate surroundings, reported on the incident on Twitter yesterday.

For reasons still unclear, the man set himself on fire yesterday afternoon near a busy shopping center on Constitution Avenue. The emergency services were on the spot very quickly and gave the man the first care, according to a spokesperson.


Alina Berzins, who was visiting Washington with two relatives from Bolivia, says in astonishment to news channel CNBC: “We saw the man running from the park and suddenly he was shrouded in flames.”

Spectators were shocked. “He collapsed when officers approached him and put out the fire.” The man was taken to the hospital with severe burns and he died last night.

The facts took place in Ellipse Park, which also houses the famous Washington Monument, right in front of the White House and located in the center of the American capital.

In lighter

The area surrounding the White House is more often the scene of people trying to bring their cause to the attention dramatically. On April 12, a man still lit his coat in front of the gates of Trump’s official residence. The man suffered burns, but was not seriously injured in his action.

Man who set himself on fire at the White House died
©KRISJAN BERZINS – The man set himself on fire in the Ecclipse park in front of the White House.

Source, Reuters
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