Meaning of these precious stones on the wedding rings

Marriage is the lawful union between two persons under the conditions prescribed by law. Some marry under the community of property regime and others under the separation of property regime. Princess dress, diamond ring or emerald, women dream all.

Nowadays couples like to customize their wedding rings with a touch of precious stones. The most commonly used are gold, diamonds, emerald, and Sapphire.

But are you aware of the meaning of what you are wearing and its impact on your life? here are some explanations …

The diamond:- The diamond is the stone that scientists believe gives tone and amplifies your energy. It removes the bad vibes and provides good humor.

The emerald:- This green-colored stone symbolizes abundance and fertility. It helps to soothe you and to experience less stress as possible.

The ruby:- If you like red, you’re in love. And the one who wears the ruby is likely to give a lot of love to the other. This stone makes you passionate and enhances your charm.

The Sapphire:- It is an appellation of Greek origin that means “the most beautiful thing”. It is a stone that facilitates communication and understanding in the couple.

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