Meghan Markle gets plenty of warm responses on social media

Meghan Markle (38) has received tens of thousands of support responses on social media after she told in tears how difficult she is with her current position as Duchess of Sussex. The hashtag #weloveyoumeghan has already collected more than 70,000 tweets.

“There are so many people who do like you”, “We see how strong you are”, “You have fantastic ideas, and we see how hard you work”, “I love how you stand with both feet on the ground”… The responses received under the hashtag #weloveyoumeghan are barely countable.

After images appeared this week as Prince Harry’s wife broke into an emotional interview, the reactions on Twitter continue to flow in. #Weloveyoumeghan has been trending since Friday afternoon, and only more tweets are added.

Six-week break

On Friday images of the duchess appeared in which she admitted how difficult she is in her current position. “Every woman – and certainly when you are pregnant – is really vulnerable. So it’s really a challenge”, she answered when asked what impact all publicity has on her ‘physical and mental health’. “You just have a newborn and as a woman … it’s a lot.”

“Thank you for asking me that,” Meghan then told the reporter. “Few people ask me if I am doing well. But behind the scenes, it is the reality that I am going through.” When the presenter then says that it might be fair to say that things are not going well, Meghan must shed her tears. “Yes, that’s right.”

The couple recently announced that they would soon take a six-week break to catch their breath.

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