Melania Trump: “Victims of sexual abuse must come with hard evidence”

American first lady Melania Trump supports the ‘#MeToo movement’ but thinks that people who express sexual abuse accusations should come up with “hard evidence”. She said that during an interview with the American television channel ABC News. That will be broadcast tomorrow, but fragments have already been shown.

“I support the women and they must be heard. We must support them. And not only women, but also men,” says Melania Trump. “You need very hard evidence if you accuse someone,” it sounds. “You cannot just say ‘I was sexually abuse’ or ‘You did this to me’, because the media sometimes go too far and the way they put down some stories is not correct.”

Sexual abuse
The statements come after the appointment of President Brett Kavanaugh as President of the US Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. The 53-year-old Kavanaugh was accused of sexual abuse by several women.

Monday, President Trump described Kavanaugh as “fair” and a “brilliant scholar”. His innocence has been proven for the head of state. He apologized “in the name of the nation” for the “pain that the entire Kavanaugh family must have endured”.

Source: ABC, Belga, HLN

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