Minneapolis City Council dissolves police force

The municipal council in Minneapolis has unanimously decided to dissolve the police force of the American city and replace it with a ‘municipal’ security service. The plan comes three weeks after black detainee George Floyd died in Minneapolis as a result of police brutality.

The council passed a resolution to begin a one-year process of ‘community engagement and research’ and ‘initiating structural change to create a new model for cultivating security in our city.’

‘The murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis is a tragedy that shows that no reform will prevent lethal violence and abuse by some members of the police against members of our community, especially black people and colored people,’ says the resolution.

Celebrities and politicians flock to George Floyd memorial
©Rueters – George Floyd burial

With this passage, the council also seems to be responding to the announcement of the city’s police boss to make radical changes in police policy. Medaria Arradondo announced Wednesday that there would be more supervision of the actions of police officers to prevent and tackle misconduct.

The City Council will bring together stakeholders concerned with issues such as violence prevention, civil rights, racial equality, community relations, and 911 emergency services. “Together we will see what safety looks like for everyone.”

Council members said they want to present the plan to abolish the police to the people during the November 3 presidential election.

Last Monday, a majority of the city council promised to abolish the police force. Now that is therefore laid down in a resolution.

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