Minors were used to replaced bride and bridegroom as the couple flee

In Zimbabwe, 13-year-old boy and 22-year-old girl were used as substitutes to replace the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony after the royal couple jumped the border, fleeing from justice.

The wedding guests anxiously awaited the bride Sisasenkosi Sulu and the groom Mandlenkosi Maphosa to push and kick the ball, but they did not appear.

A source said: “Some of the relatives did not know that Maphosa and Sisa were fugitives. Therefore they were totally shocked when they saw a young couple walking down the aisle to get married.

“The boy who played groom was 13 years old and the one who replaced the bride was aged 22.”

Instead, the crowd was surprised to see new and much younger faces that had replaced the two, thinking they were running away after stealing from the Choppies distribution centre in Belmont.

‘‘At first I thought the boy was a ring bearer, but then again he was a bit old for that position. I only realised later what was going on when the young bride entered and stood next to the minor, and they were being addressed by the names of Maphosa and Sisa who were supposed to get married.

‘‘It was not fun at all, because after spending a lot of money on outfits and presents, it was just matope (child’s play),” said Nothabo Moyo, another relative of the couple.

The relatives who attended the wedding expressed their astonishment at not having expected the wedding drama.

Efforts to obtain comments from the minor and the girl were unsuccessful.

However, the Chronicle reported that Sisa was arrested in July before being remanded for suspecting her husband of stealing groceries worth more than $2,000.

After paying bail, Sisa fled to South Africa following her companion Maphosa who had managed to escape from the scene where they had been taken carrying food.

Source: iIharare

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