Most bizarre hypotheses on ancient extraterrestrials

According to the paleocontact idea, extraterrestrials visited earth at some point in the distant past, maybe hundreds or thousands of years ago, and had some kind of interaction with ancient humans who lived on the surface of the planet. These interactions had repercussions, as the extraterrestrials imparted some or other information to humans and presented them with peculiar instruments, metals, and other equipment for use in flight or movement on earth.

Official science, of course, derides all of this as “fiction”, but believers of the hypothesis of paleocontact are hunting for items that might claim to be proof of the presence of aliens in our past, and they routinely discover things that fit this description.

In spite of the widespread skepticism, every one of these hypotheses has at least a little bit of truth. The following are some of the strangest assertions that theorists have made throughout the course of various time periods. It is up to you to decide whether one of them is telling the truth.

There is no evidence that a whale swallowed Jonah

There is no evidence that a whale swallowed Jonah
There is no evidence that a whale swallowed Jonah

When searching for proof of paleocontact, its believers often resort to ancient religious literature, particularly the Bible. There, they uncover an increasing number of fresh facts that corroborate their ideas, which further strengthens their convictions. According to them, many of the tales in the Bible have been grossly exaggerated, but there is always a grain of truth in their roots, which means that they were based on something that really occurred.

One of the most baffling accounts is that of the prophet Jonah, who is said to have been swallowed by a whale but to have emerged from Whale’s womb alive and unhurt. Due to the fact that whales have relatively short throats, they are only able to consume tiny fish and krill for food. This means that whales could never really swallow a human.

A sperm whale, often known as a toothy whale, is capable of consuming a human in theory; however, there are very few instances of this occurring in history, and there are no sperm whales in the area where Jonah swam. Because of this, some individuals are of the opinion that Jonah was not consumed by a live creature, but rather that he was taken on board a UFO, which is another way of saying that he was a victim of abduction (abduction of people by aliens). And once the extraterrestrials had finished examining him, Jonah was brought back.

The position of the space pilot on the lid of the Mayan coffin

The position of the space pilot on the lid of the Mayan coffin
The position of the space pilot on the lid of the Mayan coffin

There was a Mayan city-state known as Palenque that flourished in the seventh century AD, and Pakal served as its monarch. After Pakal passed away, his corpse was embalmed and put in an elaborate stone sarcophagus that had a massive patterned cover. This sarcophagus was then set in a structure that was known as the Temple of Inscriptions.

When researchers found this sarcophagus in the 20th century, they immediately drew their attention to the extremely elaborate lid. They then termed it one of the most remarkable objects of the Maya arts when they made the discovery.

After some time had passed, Erich von Daniken focused his attention on the cover of the book and examined the artwork inside it while considering everything from a fresh perspective. According to him, if you look at the lid of the sarcophagus not from the side that is narrower, but from the side that is wider, then instead of a person sitting on a throne in an odd pose, we will see some kind of technological device, most likely a control panel, and with his own hands, this person most likely presses devices or buttons on this remote.

In other words, the figure represented on the lid of the coffin from Palenque is not the monarch Pakal, but rather a pilot sitting in what seems to be a space rocket or some other kind of transportation in lieu of Pakal.


Mythical creatures known as chimeras are really the product of genetic engineering carried out by extraterrestrials. In the mythology of many peoples, there is never a lack of varied creatures, some of which appear absolutely unreal. Some of these monsters even exist.

Consider the following creatures from Greek mythology: centaurs (half-humans and half-horses), pegasi (horses with wings), the Gorgon Medusa (a lady who wore real snakes on her head in place of hair), minotaurs (half-bulls and half-men), fauns (half-humans and half-goats), etc. Or, consider the pantheon of gods that was practiced in ancient Egypt; each deity was shown as a human with the head of a different kind of animal.

According to a significant number of people who support the paleocontacts idea, all of these creatures that are wholly unrelated to the natural world truly did exist in the past and were not the product of human imagination. And sprung from the genetic laboratory of extraterrestrial beings. To what end? Who knows? Perhaps the extraterrestrials were attempting to breed beings who were more resilient to illness or damage.

There is an other theory that proposes that humans are the product of genetic engineering carried out by extraterrestrials. The established body of scientific knowledge is not yet in a position to explain why the ancestors of the first humans started to walk upright on two legs, why their fur began to fall out, why their brains began to grow, and so on.

Teotihuacan functions as a massive computer system

Teotihuacan, located in Mexico, is both one of the oldest and one of the biggest Indian towns that existed in pre-Columbian America. It is not known what its original name was, and it was constructed by Aztec tribes. The period between 250 and 600 years before our current age was when the city was at its peak.

Due to the fact that the city is almost entirely composed of enormous pyramids made of stone, researchers at first thought that its only purpose was religious in nature. When seen from a higher vantage point, the city’s mathematically accurate buildings take on the appearance of something like… computer boards.

In any event, ancient Teotihuacan was able to create energy in its pyramids, and then divert it to other requirements, thus some experts think that it actually was something like a computer. Yes, some academics believe that ancient Teotihuacan really was a computer. Mica, a mineral that properly conducts electricity and can be found everywhere in stone blocks, is one piece of proof that this is the case, according to the theorists. A few of the chambers in the temples were fully covered with mica on every available surface.

The sword that is encased in stone

King Arthur’s Sword
King Arthur’s Sword

The tale of King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone is an essential component of the Celtic mythology surrounding King Arthur. He is more well-known and is more likely to be remembered than the stories of Merlin or the Knights of the Round Table. Only one kid, named Arthur, was capable of removing the sword from its scabbard, according to the tradition, and he eventually ascended to the throne of Britain.

According to the legend, Arthur was able to remove the sword from the stone on two separate occasions, the first time doing so in the presence of a sizable crowd of witnesses. Arthur is also said to have reinserted the sword into the stone on one occasion, at which point he received it without any difficulty.

However, you can’t do this with a regular blade at your disposal. On the other hand, the story of such an event has been passed down through the ages, all the way back to the bronze and even the iron ages. There are many different hypotheses about the nature of such a narrative; nevertheless, one of the most peculiar interpretations of it was presented in the show “Ancient Aliens.”

There are a number of people who believe that the reason why King Arthur’s sword was able to effortlessly penetrate and exit the stone was due to the fact that it was not a sword at all but rather a high-tech laser or plasma weapon. And Arthur was not a regular human; rather, he was either someone who had received specialized training to handle these weapons or was himself a member of extraterrestrials. Because of this, other individuals were unable to remove this so-called sword from the stone.

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper

During the Middle Ages, Europe came dangerously close to losing half of its population to outbreaks of the plague. Because people didn’t understand what caused the sickness, they put the blame on witches, demons, and even Jewish people. Ufologist William Bramley proposed a theory in which he blamed extraterrestrials for the spread of the plague, despite the fact that modern science has known for quite some time that fleas dwelling on rats are the vectors for the plague bacillus.

According to him, individuals were infected with the plague bacillus as a result of widespread “irrigation.” This is roughly how current chemtrails operate. They did it in the same way that farmers spray pesticides on their crops to get rid of pests, but their goal was to cut down on the number of individuals who multiplied without any good reason.

Bramley also made an intriguing observation, which was that the infamous picture of the Grim Reaper first arose during the years when there was an outbreak of the plague, and that this image eventually evolved into the more common depiction of death with a scythe. This Grim Reaper with a black hood was often observed in the wheat fields just before an outbreak of the plague was reported in one of the cities in the surrounding area. In other words, it seemed as if the Reaper was spreading some kind of disease to the wheat.

According to Bramley, the people who served as Grim Reapers were really aliens who masked their appearance by donning large, black cloaks with hoods. These cloaks covered their whole bodies. True, it is not totally apparent why they needed to kill people; maybe they were merely aiming to eliminate weaker individuals who had a low immune system. But why did extraterrestrials need to destroy people?

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