Most Covid-19 resistant blood group revealed

The probability of infection with Covid-19 and the severity of the disease’s course depends on the blood group. Summarizing the two studies published in the journal Blood Advances. It turned out that people with type O blood were less affected by the coronavirus.

The two research works published in the journal Blood Advances, October 14, demonstrating the blood group’s influence on the probability of being infected with Covid-19, reports MedicalXpress.

In a first study, researchers compared data from more than 473,000 people with Covid-19 in Denmark to more than 2.2 million people from the general population.

Fewer group O patients

Among the patients with Covid-19 were a lower percentage of people with blood type O and higher percentages of people with types A, B, and AB.

It follows that people with A, B, or AB blood are more likely to be infected than those with type O blood. The infection rates are similar in people with A, B, and B blood groups. AB.

Another study was conducted among 95 seriously ill hospitalized in Canada. Patients with type A or AB blood needed mechanical ventilation more often, suggesting they had higher lung damage rates from Covid-19.

Groups A and AB more vulnerable to dysfunction

The study adds that patients with type A and AB blood were more likely to require dialysis for kidney failure.

The researchers found that patients with blood groups A and AB may have an increased risk of organ dysfunction or failure than those with type O or B blood.

They also reported that although people with blood groups A and AB did not have longer overall hospitalizations than those with types O or B, they were staying in intensive care longer, which may indicate that the disease is continuing to take place in a more serious way.

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