Most difficult musical instruments

Professional musicians assure that learning to play the guitar is no more accessible than the violin. And to fully master the most complex musical instruments, it may take more than one year of intensive training!

The most difficult musical instrument


Most difficult musical instruments

The violin is a stringed instrument. The name comes from the Italian word Violino, which translates as “small viola”. Among professionals and collectors, tools made in the 16-18 century are valued because they are the ones that emit a unique sound. It will take more than one year to learn how to play the violin, but not everyone can master it to the fullest.


Most difficult musical instruments

The piano is a sophisticated stringed keyboard instrument used in classical music. Despite its large size and high cost, the piano is used most often in all world countries. You can learn the game on it, having spent more than one year on it.


Most difficult musical instruments

Guitar is a string instrument used as a solo, accompanying, or ensemble instrument. Usually, a guitar has six strings. It isn’t easy to learn to play this instrument professionally, but for some people to sing in the yard, a couple of lessons or reading the relevant literature is enough.


Most difficult musical instruments

An organ is a keyboard instrument that reproduces sound by exiting air from a pipe system. It isn’t easy to learn to play the organ because few schools teach professionally. The instrument is widely used abroad, used in Catholic churches, synagogues, and accompanying religious services.


Most difficult musical instruments
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The accordion belongs to the keyboard-pneumatic instruments and is also the prototype of the manual harmonica. They are traditionally used in folk music. You can learn to play the accordion with sufficient hand motor skills. It is worth noting that the more expensive the instrument, the better the sound it produces.


Most difficult musical instruments

The oboe is a woodwind instrument. It differs in a somewhat nasal timbre; therefore, it is used at chamber music concerts, orchestras, less often as a solo instrument. Recently, the oboe can be heard in rock and jazz. It is not given to everyone to master the game, and the skill of hands is required.

French horn

Most difficult musical instruments

The French horn is a wind instrument derived from the signal horn of hunters. Modern models have many pipes, and the sound directly depends on the quality of the metal from which the French horn is made. As a rule, the instrument is used in brass and symphony orchestras. Despite the small number of keys, it is difficult to play on it because you need to blow with a particular force.


Most difficult musical instruments

The bagpipe is an ancient wind instrument most commonly used in Ireland and Scotland. The instrument produces a very sharp, solid and unusual sound; therefore, it is used in conjunction with others. The design looks light, but it’s hard to learn to play the bagpipes.

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