Mother and her two children expel from home because of noise

Court has ordered a mother and her two children to leave home because of her noise during screaming for help every time her husband beats her always disturb her neighbours.

Indeed, LeParisien reports Sunday, August 12 the story of a double sentence. That of being a victim of domestic violence and to pay the responsibility of being expelled from her home.

The District Court of Colombes reportedly ordered the expulsion of a mother and her two children from their home because of the sounds of her husband’s violence that were bothering the neighbourhood.

Surprised by this court decision, the 37-year-old mother wants to seek for justice at all costs. “I do not understand that I’m expelled with two children because of the noise,” says Elodie.

According to our source, the judge who rendered this decision was well aware of the violence suffered by Elodie in her household. Despite the fact, he preferred to sign an eviction after the complaint of her house owner.

In this note, the victim must leave home before September 12 with his children.

“Injustice? Elodie wants justice done,” She told leParisian when explaining her marital suffering.

“One night, beaten, I called for help but no neighbours came. While the episode is happening again, I decided to file a complaint at the police station.”

Placed in custody, her husband will never return to the family home. However, the social landlord complains because of the noise that his violence has engendered… and justice gives him reason.

The woman’s lawyer does not accept this verdict and intends to help her client in order to seek justice.

The lessor reassured the local press that he acted according to the law nevertheless, he will find a solution to relocate the mother and her two children.

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