Mother hits her 3-year-old son in retaliation to her ex-husband

A lady identified as Natalia Rosa Martinez hits her 3-year-old boy in retaliation to his father(ex-husband), who has left her. She was detained but the prosecutor Cabana ordered her release, without assuring the safety of the little boy.

A woman from Jujuy, Argentina, has created uproar in the social media, After a Facebook user shared a pictures and videos, that she (the mother of little boy) recorded hitting her 3-year-old son. The video clip went viral. The poster added that the mother took the action, because her father had left with another woman.

In a series of several short clips, she shouted to the boy that ‘nobody wanted him’, at the same time that she hit him repeatedly, until at a certain moment the baby appears before the camera with blood marks on his mouth and cheeks.

The little boy did not understand what his mother was saying and only shouted and cried terrified. ‘Nobody loves you’, ‘It’s your fault’, she reproached the child. In one of the videos it is shown that she hit the child as if it were his father, because she comes to say with anger: ‘Are you going to defend the dirty fat woman instead of me, ah?’

After recording the video, the woman sent the material to the child’s father, and it was the man’s current partner who made the material known. The mother is identify as Natalia Rosa. she was arrested on last Friday; But, the prosecutor gave her freedom, which has not been very well accepted by the residents of the area.

Natalia Rosa Martinez

According to Ojo, the boy has three brothers between three and eight years old, who were also in charge of the mother. The children are in the custody of her relatives. And the boy in the video is recovering from the incidents.

We warn you that the material disseminated is very strong, but if you wish to see it, you can access it through this link.

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