Mother in jail accused of horrific abuse: “She cooked puppies and let children watch”

The American police arrested a woman on Monday accused of terrible child and animal abuse. It was one of her 15 children who talked to her about the gallows. According to court records, Martha C. (53), among other things, beat her daughter with kitchen utensils, shot a family dog and cooked puppies on the stove while she made her children watch.

The husband of the woman from Cedar Hill – Timothy C. (57) – is also in prison. Where Martha is accused of child abuse, extreme cruelty to animals and obstructing an investigation into child neglect and abuse, Timothy only has to answer for that last allegation. They’re both in San Juan County Jail.


The Children, Youth and Families Department of New Mexico opened an inquiry into the family after a daughter of the couple had declared that the children were not allowed to go to school and that she was concerned about that.

The agency stopped by on May 22. But according to the girl who sounded the alarm, her mother would have been hiding with four of her young children next door. Then she would have packed their bags and driven to Durango in the state of Colorado. On June 1, they were located in a motel in Farmington, not far from where they lived.

San Juan County police in New Mexico, in turn, opened an investigation after some of the couple’s adult children were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The cops heard stories of abuse and torture and decided to stop by, too.

She then not only reported allegations that the children were not allowed to go to school, but also that they were not fed enough and had to hide when people from social services came by. Beatings were not uncommon and the family moved immediately when the police or social services opened an investigation. The children would only have had one meal a day.

Air rifle gun

One of the kids also claimed that he was shot with an air rifle and that he still had the scars on his arm. A daughter was said to have been on a fat chain for three years to prevent her from eating because she was overweight. And another girl told me that she got pregnant at the age of 14 and was hit so hard by her mother that she suffered a miscarriage.

Mother in jail accused of horrific abuse: “She cooked puppies and let children watch”
©AP – Martha C.

The charges in the police arrest warrant were formulated by several of the couple’s children. The charges in the criminal prosecution came from one of the daughters (17) of Martha and Timothy C.. She made statements to the New Mexico police (where she lived) and Arizona (where she is now staying with two of her sisters).

The teenager said that Martha would have hit her with kitchen utensils and that she was aiming for parts of her body that were under her clothes. The girl also said that her mother sometimes punished her children by killing their pets. For example, Martha poisoned a kitten and threw her dog’s puppies into a pot of boiling water on the fire while the children watched.


The same day she would have shot her daughter’s dog. According to the parents, the dog was sick, but the daughter said she was sure that this was not the case. The dog was then buried in the backyard. Earlier, they had burned dead animals in the garden, but as a result, they had problems with the local fire brigade.

In the meantime, the San Juan County police are continuing their investigation, and for that purpose, they are working with governments and agencies from different states. The Children, Youth and Families Department in New Mexico is said to have received hundreds of pages of family reports from social services in Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, and Montana.

Police told the Farmington Daily Times newspaper that the investigation would “take some time”. The Children, Youth and Families Department meanwhile took the four young children of the couple under its wings.


Mother in jail accused of horrific abuse: “She cooked puppies and let children watch”
©AP – Timothy C.

One of the sons of the couple remains behind his parents. According to the KOB4 TV station, he says that all accusations are lies. “My mother is a wonderful person. Without her, I would now live in the gutter. And my father made me who I am today,” it sounds.

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