Mount Shasta mysteries: strange clouds and the golden city within

In Nevada is the Sierra mountain range, the northern part of which ends with Mount Shasta. The mountain is located in Northern California near the Oregon border. This mountain is also the top of an ancient extinct volcano, which is just over four kilometers above sea level. It is the highest volcanic mountain in the United States. There are legends about Mount Shasta, as if a whole city is located inside it.

The eruption, which caused the appearance of Mount Shasta, occurred 600 thousand years ago. American geologists warn that Mount Shasta is a dormant volcano that will inevitably still erupt. Seven glaciers have been found on the mountain’s surface and have been given their own names. During clear weather, Mount Shasta shines so brightly that it can be seen 100 miles away.

The natives who live in the Northern California settlements treat the mountain with reverence and ascribe special sacred properties to it. They believe the mountain gives people strength, good health, and wisdom. Indian shamans have often climbed the mountain to perform purification rituals and communicate with the spirits of the past.

In addition, local residents have repeatedly reported seeing beings of clearly extraterrestrial origin. Allegedly they were tall humanoids that came out of the ground. There is also evidence of unidentified flying objects landing and flying away from the mountain. Proponents of various esoteric trends call Mount Shasta a place of planetary power and the first of the earth’s seven chakras. People are also impressed by the spherical clouds that often form over the mountain.

The Mount Shasta mysteries
The Mount Shasta mysteries

Others argue that inside the mountain, there is an underground city of Telos, which is still inhabited by the descendants of the extinct Lemurian civilization. And there is also speculation that Mount Shasta is connected to the tunnel system of the Americas. But so far, only a crazy view from the heights of Mount Shasta remains, so to speak, a proven fact and the result of travel to the mountain of most wishing.

At the foot of the mountain in the town of Mount Shasta organized commune, whose residents are adherents of all kinds of esoteric teachings, religious trends, sects, and fraternities. Also, here often come those who seek self-knowledge, interested in the paranormal phenomena and ufology. It even conducts special practices channelling – establishing communication with extraterrestrial civilizations.

The legend that there is an underground city filled with gold attracts people. This legend is related to a story that took place in 1904. A hired laborer arrived in this mountainous area to search for either gold or oil. Locals periodically saw the man, but after a while, he disappeared from their sight for long time. Friends and customers searched for the missing man, but he was never found.

And 30 years later, the man found himself in one of the nearby cities. He found a contractor, who he instructed to hire a crew very quickly and start mining near Shasta. He also told how 30 years ago, he had explored the slopes of this mountain and suddenly discovered a crevasse, climbed inside, followed a tunnel, and found himself in a large room that resembled an underground city. There were rooms connected by passages. The walls of the rooms were lined with copper plates with inscriptions in an unknown language. The man also discovered that some of the copper plates had fallen down, and in their place was exposed rock: it was evident that the underground city was crossed by a powerful gold vein.

Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta

It was this vein that the hired workers were now to begin to mine. The customer showed him the money he had, promising to show him the entrance to the tunnel the next day. When machinery arrived at the specified time, and the team gathered, it turned out that the customer was absent. Where he had disappeared to this time – remains a mystery. And with him – and the place of the entrance to the golden underground city of Mount Shasta.

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