Never again aquaplaning? This system splits pools like Moses the Red Sea

A new system co-developed by Bosch is designed to prevent aquaplaning accidents. It works with 5G technology and a water pump that ‘splits’ pools.

It is not known how many fatal accidents are caused by aquaplaning each year. This is mainly because many of these types of accidents are dismissed in police reports with the sentence: ‘The victim has lost control of the wheel for unknown reasons’.

In any case, the fact is that aquaplaning is life-threatening. Anyone who has ever felt their car’s tires slips on a wet road knows how unsafe it feels.

The phenomenon occurs when the tires start to ‘float’ on the water on the road. This may be due to excessive speed or tires with little tread.


Because in extreme weather, it can happen at around 80 kilometres per hour – even with new tires – manufacturers are keen to find a solution for aquaplaning because ABS and ESP are of no use if your tires no longer have grip.

Never again aquaplaning? This system splits pools like Moses the Red Sea

That solution is called ‘Easyrain’. In this case, a sprinkler is placed in front of each of the front wheels, which breaks through the surface tension of a puddle with a directed water jet and thus prevents aquaplaning.

5G connection

The question that remains is how the mouthpiece should know exactly when to act. And this is where 5G comes into play because it responds within a millisecond, whereas 4G needs up to 98 milliseconds. The control system brings together information from the vehicle, from the sensors themselves, the tires and the road.

The 5G connection allows the system to remain extremely compact and to be installed in any type of vehicle. The nozzles are located in the front bumper and use the water supply from the windshield wiper system.

It is currently being tested with an Audi A6. Audi, Fiat-Chrysler, Renault and McLaren have already shown interest.

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