New Volvo cars will automatically slow down or stop if the driver is drunk

Volvo is going to equip its next generation of cars with special sensors that can detect whether a driver is under the influence of alcohol. In that case, the car will automatically slow down or even stop.

The new technology is expected to be available from next year. Incidentally, Volvo vehicles will not only be able to determine whether a driver is drunk, but also whether he is dozing off or otherwise distracted by his smartphone, for example. If he does not respond to alarms, the car may slow down, call for assistance or even stand on the side of the road.

The cameras and sensors that Volvo will incorporate, among other things, could establish that the driver keeps his eyes closed for too long, does not turn the wheel enough or has a very slow reaction time.

According to Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson, technological progress gives car builders the responsibility to increase road safety.

New Volvo cars will automatically slow down or stop if the driver is drunk

Earlier in this respect, the Swedish car manufacturer announced that it would limit the speed in all its models from 2020 to a maximum of 180 kilometers per hour. Samuelsson hopes that this measure can save lives. The insurance premium could also fall with this. “This might scare off customers who like speed, but on the other hand it gives us the chance to convince parents who are looking for the safest possible car for their child,” said the CEO.

Today, another extra was announced. From 2021 the owner of a Volvo with the so-called ‘Care Key’ can build in a temporary speed limit, for himself but also if he wants to lend his car to friends or family and he wants to be sure that they drive it safely. Every Volvo will receive that Care Key as standard.

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