Neymar after interrogation of rape case: “truth will be revealed”

Neymar reported to the police on Thursday for the second time in a week. In Sao Paulo, he was questioned about the rape charge filed against him by 26-year-old Brazilian Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza. Last week, the star player of Paris Saint-Germain in Rio de Janeiro was questioned about the video with explicit photos of Najila that he posted on social media and in which he denies the accusation.

Neymar arrived at the police station for women’s protection in Sao Paulo on Thursday afternoon around 3:30 pm local time. The interrogation by research leader Juliana Bussacos lasted about three hours.

“Sooner or later the truth will be revealed,” the football player said after the interrogation to reporters who were gathered at the police station. “The only wish I have now is that this case comes to an end as quickly as possible.”

Neymar after interrogation of rape case: “truth will be revealed”

According to Brazilian media, Bussacos confronted the football player with, among other things, the results of the medical examination of the body of the woman accusing him. It does not show that there has been rape or not, but there are signs of injury on the body of the woman that may have occurred during her stay in Paris, where the rape was allegedly taking place mid-May.

According to the Brazilian tv news Jornal Nacional, in the interview, Neymar denied having sex with her against Najila’s will

. However, at her request, he would have given her a few ticks on the buttocks. After that, she would have volunteered to pose for Neymar to take a picture of her buttocks.

Neymar after interrogation of rape case: “truth will be revealed”

Prosecutor Flavia Cristina Merlini confirmed Neymar’s denial and stated that he was able to give a satisfactory answer to all questions. “It is now up to Mrs. Bussacos to determine the next steps to complete the investigation,” said Merlini, who also said that for the time being there was no need to confront Neymar and Najila.


Neymar was still moving with crutches because of an ankle injury, which cost him the Copa America. He arrived and left in a blind van, escorted by two police cars. Around the police station in the Santo Amaro district, in the south of Sao Paulo, sharp security measures were taken. There were Drang Gates and the windows of the desk were taped off. Dozens of fans had come to the station to catch a glim of the star footballer. They greeted him with statements of support and then, after the hearing, they escorted him out with cheers.

Neymar after interrogation of rape case: “truth will be revealed”

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