Nine reasons women look better at 30 than 20

Modern women in their 30s often look so unique that they are easily confused with 20-year-olds – they are just as fresh and beautiful. What could be the secrets?

Although it’s not only about appearance also behavior, voice, plasticity, and girls with an age difference of 10 years look like representatives of the same generation.

We decided to find out what unites 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds and why older girls win.

1. Easier to relate to age and not only to him

Oddly enough, in principle, age makes it easier to relate to many things – that of the numbers in the passport, that of public opinion. Thirty-year-olds are more confident and less concerned about what effect they will have in society, making them more attractive and exciting.

It is often difficult to visually distinguish a 30-year-old girl from a 20-year-old girl: modern women are guided by the same trends in clothing and make-up. And at 20 and 30, you can do actual make-up, wear boyfriend jeans, architectural prints, or cotton lace – what is fashionable this season.

3. Can afford expensive things and services

By the age of 30, you usually have some professional identity, career, and business reputation. And even if this is not the case, at least there is an experience that is also appreciated. Having your funds in the amount of more than a scholarship or income from a part-time job allows you to spend it on yourself: buy expensive clothes, visit salons and beauticians.

4. Found your style

To some extent, 30 is the golden age in terms of image. By this time, the woman already has everything: an understanding of what suits her and does not suit her; courage to experiment with looks; funds to carry out these experiments under the supervision of specialists and using quality materials.

5. Treat themselves with respect

Imagine the situation: he did not call, you are in tears all night, the view is terrible in the morning. Or the exam has not been passed. Or the boss shouted. There may be many reasons, but in any case, 30-year-olds tolerate negative situations more calmly and cry less over trifles. As we age, we become calmer and respect our time and nerve cells, so why waste them on nonsense?

6. They better understand what they want

Anyone in their 20s is pretty confused: he has many hobbies, is looking for her professional path, and falls in love at random. At the age of 30, people already understand what they want from themselves and life and move towards their goals. And confidence is always attractive.

7. Defeated complexes and psychological trauma

Each personality has its baggage of not always pleasant properties: stereotypes about oneself, tightness, or nervous breakdowns. When a person is just starting an independent life, his background can break out at every opportunity. By the age of 30, usually, if they have not coped with the complexes, they have learned to live, so a woman becomes more self-confident and more attractive due to this.

8. Stop eating all kinds of nasty things

This is not to say that they have completely stopped, but 30-year-olds do not have the same fast and street food culture as 20-year-olds. Older girls are more likely to think about what they eat, follow their diet more closely, and cook more themselves than buy ready-made food, which affects their skin, energy, and mood. 30-year-olds are more health-conscious than 20-year-olds, and their bones are at their maximum strength.

9. Realize that their time is not infinite

At the age of 20, it seems to many that it will always be this way: the body will be strong and healthy, the skin will be even, the muscles will be in good shape. Therefore, 20-year-olds can afford the luxury of fooling themselves and others for a year or two. By the age of 30 comes the understanding that the future will go much faster than we think, and it’s time to take care of your body and mind. The concreteness of a 30-year-old’s approach may be off-putting to romantic natures, but for the most part, it is pleasing and inviting.

30 is the new 20, sociologists say. The main thing is to remember that any age has its advantages and to enjoy them.

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