No agreement on lower fuel prices in Burkina

There was no agreement between the coalition against the high cost and the government in the negotiations on the rise in the price of fuel.

The two sides began talks a week after a march by civil society organizations and unions demanding lower oil prices. Prices increased by 75 francs at the beginning of November.

Both parties had long negotiations without reaching a consensus on lowering the price of fuel at the pump.

After seven hours of negotiations, the government agreed to audit the national oil and gas companies whose deficit was invoked to review the price of fuel on the rise and demanded by the protesters.

Fulgance Dandjinou, Minister of Communication and Relations with the Parliament, spokesman of the government, asked the patience of the populations until the end of January. But the coalition against the expensive life considers that it missed the essential thing, the other points being suggestions. The main claim of the coalition was the return to prices before the increase of 75 francs.

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