No autopsy; father steals the corpse of his daughter

A father steals the corpse of his daughter that was in the morgue to avoid an autopsy; the family argued that he had no money to pay for it.

The events occurred in the city of Iquitos, Peru, when the man, identified as Roy Perez Cabrera, fled with the body of the deceased, only two years old.

According to several news portals, the girl died drowned, so she was taken to the morgue of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, where experts would perform the autopsy according to the law; however, the family refused to have the procedure done.

Due to the insistence of the authorities, the relatives of the father detained the soldiers so that he could flee with the corpse of the child. Although the police officers fired dissuasive shots, it was useless, as the man found a way to get to his house.

According to the mother of the daughter, the minor died drowned in the Nuevo Liberal farmhouse while bathing with her sister, but they did not have the resources to cover the expenses of the morgue, so they did not want her to undergo an autopsy.

In the video, which was recorded and disseminated on social networks, the moment in which the father flees with the body of his daughter in his arms and after repelling a uniformed man, who pursued him for several blocks….

After the scenario went viral, the authorities assured that the autopsy according to the law is free, since it is a procedure ordered by the Public Ministry; nevertheless, the young girl was already veiled in the house of her parents.

Here the video of this unique event:

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