Nuclear Agreement: Iranian MPs set American flag on fire (video)

Iranian deputies burned an American flag and a copy of the nuclear deal on Wednesday morning, shouting “Death to America”.

On the images posted online, we see a deputy brandishing the American flag paper and burned it at the tribune of Parliament.

This act comes after Donald Trump pulled his country out of the deal that was signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The “Death to America” cry has long been used in Iran since its 1979 Islamic Revolution. Wednesday’s protest at the parliament floor reflects the anger of the Iranian public after Trump’s decision.

The Iran nuclear deal was concluded in July 2015 in Vienna between Tehran and China, the United States, France, Great Britain, Russia and Germany. Iran had agreed to limit its nuclear program to guarantee its peaceful nature, obtaining in exchange a gradual and partial lifting of international sanctions.

The decision of the US president has been strongly rejected by Europeans who say they are “determined to ensure the implementation” of the agreement.

France, Germany and the United Kingdom will meet representatives of Tehran next Monday to see how to preserve the agreement.

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