Official autopsy report also confirms: George Floyd died of suffocation

The official autopsy of the Hennepin County pathologist reveals that George Floyd was killed by human suffocation. A second independent autopsy at the request of the family had also mentioned suffocation as the cause of death earlier today.

The 46-year-old American died, according to the official autopsy report, by stopping the heart and lung functions caused by law enforcement and neck compression.

The pathologist’s updated report says that Floyd died because not enough blood flowed to his brain from the neck clamp while the Minneapolis police officers were restraining him.

A mural by George Floyd with a sea of ​​flowers in front

The report also revealed that he had calcified veins and high blood pressure and that traces of the drugs fentanyl and methamphetamine were found in his blood.

Initially, the first autopsy performed by the authorities stated that Floyd was killed not from suffocation, but multiple factors, including toxins in his body and pre-existing health problems.

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