Old woman saves herself from an elevator in last second

Heart touching video! The moments of panic that the Chinese old woman survived when she was trapped in the door of an elevator that almost killed her.

A video shared on Facebook has left thousands of users amazed. The video shows the precise moment in which the security cameras of an elevator capture a Chinese woman. The old woman was trapped in the door and almost lost her life. If it was not for a great maneuver at the last second.

The elevators are very useful and necessary in many cases. Though it helps faster when we try to move to a floor that is many meters from the floor. However, these rectangular ‘boxes’ that help make our lives easier, can be a real danger.

Old Chinese woman saves herself from elevator in last second

One can think of the great danger when climbing in an elevator. It can occur during a seismic movement, but the risk can happen at any time due to a failure, as happened to an old woman in Shanghai, China.

The old woman never imagined that climbing one of these spaces could cost her life. In the short clip captured by the security cameras of the elevator. The woman is observed heading to the place but stumbles before entering. It is at that moment when the elevator begins to rise with half the body of the lady in the air and the other inside the elevator.

Old Chinese woman saves herself from elevator in last second

Before the woman’s body could hit the objects, she quickly leaves the elevator falling to the floor. Fortunately, the Chinese old woman is saved and only remains with some scratches and blows but with life.

Old Chinese woman saves herself from elevator in last second

Thousands of Facebook users were impressed with the scene and how the old woman escaped. Since the elevators are highly inspected and are continually serviced. The case is being investigated and the elevator has been out of use form sometime.


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