Outrageous: Viral video of motorcyclist rolling up an older man

There is no doubt that accidents are just around the corner and in the quieter places of our neighbourhoods, because it only takes little road culture and imprudence to suffer a mishap like these in the street.

Yesterday a serious accident occurred involving a motorcyclist and a man of approximately 60 years in the streets of the downtown area of Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, according a twitter user that shared the information.

According to the video circulating on social networks, the man asked a car to stop, his march to cross a small street that consisted of only one lane, because his walk was quite slow, as you can see in the video.

When the man was about to step on the sidewalk, a motorcyclist, who was speeding, came out of one of the sides of the car, who, without any intention of stopping-perhaps without noticing at first – ran over the man, leaving him lying.

The hit that the man received caused him to fall horizontally, receiving, in addition to the impact of the motorcycle, a sharp blow along his body, as he fell on his back.

Also, in the video you can see that the motorcyclist also falls, but later on, possibly being the driver that young man who runs to see him seconds later.

Immediately, all the people of the premises of the place left horrified of their positions, and ran towards him to verify their vital signs and to try to reanimate it; however, in the video, which covers about 45 seconds, it does not show any movement.

So far, no more details of this accident have been offered, nor data on the state of health of man

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