Overcoming difficulties: 12 ways to overcome life’s difficulties

Even the most successful people have difficult times go through. We choose how to react to negativity and problems so that we can more easily endure adversity. We will share 12 ways to overcome life’s difficulties.

12 ways to overcoming difficulties in life

Find like-minded people

Many situations in life are difficult to deal with alone. Even if you are used to always dealing with problems on your own, it is worth considering how to create a “support group” for yourself to get through life’s difficulties. They can be close friends or family who genuinely care about you and want to help you.

Sharing problems, rather than being alone with them, is fundamental. This helps us look at them from the outside, find support, and better understand ourselves.

If you find it difficult to talk about your problems “in person” or are afraid of overexciting your relatives, a good thing to do is to chat about them online and in other forums where you can ask other people questions and get support from them. Maybe someone has had a similar experience in life and is willing to share how they have experienced it. This will make it easier to make a decision, to weigh the pros and cons or to understand that you are not alone in this situation. And going through a difficult period will become easier.

Learn to be more optimistic

We tend to have negative perceptions of things most of the time, especially when it seems difficult to deal with. It would help if you learned a positive attitude and outlook on life.

One way that helps in this is to develop your gratitude. For example, you may not have a partner, so you often feel unloved. But if you focus on your family or friends who are always there, you will realize that many people love you.

Keep a diary

Regardless of whether you are in a good mood or a bad mood, keeping a diary will help you write down your thoughts. This is especially important in cases where you are uncomfortable talking to people. It will also help you plan and list what you want to achieve and what needs to be done to achieve it. Don’t think this is boring; there are many ways to keep a diary.

And the diary often helps in cases when you need help from a psychologist – with its help; you can track the dynamics of your condition, do not miss important moments and experiences that need to be shared with the doctor.


Many people think that playing sports is too exhausting and should be avoided during difficult times. Exercise is very beneficial during difficult times. They help relieve stress, release negative energy, and shift attention from problems to other activities. So after training, we can feel better.

Walk more

Walking helps keep the body in good shape: the blood is saturated with oxygen, and the contemplation of beauty helps us accumulate vital energy. Therefore, it is important to walk in a difficult life period: alone, with friends, relatives.

We have the opportunity to think about things in a different environment and come to new solutions. Conversely, distract yourself from thinking about solving our problems and relax.

Celebrate small victories

To cope with adversity, you need to spot small victories. For example, you have done more than planned or just finished what you started to the end. Be sure to praise yourself after the general cleaning – you showed willpower, a desire to make your life better, took care of your health. Or celebrate each day you quit smoking as another achievement – you deserve it because the habit is tough to overcome.

The habit of noticing and praising oneself for small daily accomplishments helps develop motivation and accumulate energy, which is enough to cope with life’s difficulties.

Treat others’ words with an open mind

Some words of support from loved ones can take the form of constructive criticism. They are not trying to accuse you of something or offend you – on the contrary; they are trying to show what could help you in the future.

Try to be open-minded and reflect on what is being said to you. These words can help you get better or look at the situation differently. Often we do not notice some important aspects, while others notice them – so it is worth taking note of their words. But it is up to you to do as you are offered or to remain unconvinced.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Your life is different from others, and you should not feel bad if other people are already at the peak of success, and you are not.

For example, your friend weighs 50 kg, and you are still on your way to the same mark on the scale. You don’t have to constantly look at her photos on social networks and blame yourself for what she managed to achieve this, and you have not yet. You will never know all the pitfalls behind what we consider to be someone else’s success. In addition, the possibilities for achieving the set goal are different for everyone, and it is simply wrong to compare them.

But comparing yourself to yourself in the past is much more useful. If you look back and see that you’ve lost 3 kilograms in a month, haven’t missed a single workout, and completely abandoned fast food to achieve your goal, you’ll want to praise yourself. This kind of thinking allows you to recharge with energy and motivation to achieve a big goal.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself too much

Remember that you are human, so you make mistakes and fail in something – and that’s okay. But if you start to feel sorry for yourself, you dwell on the negative, lower your self-esteem and motivation to overcome difficult times. In addition, excessive pity prevents making the right decisions and taking action to get out of a difficult situation.

Focus on what’s important

It is not easy to strive to overcome your difficulties in life and become the best version of yourself. Learn to focus on what’s important and stay away from distractions and things that can get in the way of your goals. It’s easier to get through difficult times this way.

When you’re out of work, you don’t spend all your money on a new wardrobe or delivering rolls every weekend. You will try to save as much money as possible until you find a new income. This is an example of focusing on what’s important, although distracting things seem much more interesting.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t be too critical of yourself when you’re going through life’s hardships. This is important because relatives and friends may not always be around. It is in these moments that you need to be your best friend.

If you tend to think negatively and say harsh and critical things to yourself, think about how you would say this to a stranger in a difficult situation. You wouldn’t call your friend stupid for not being promoted at work. On the contrary, you would like to point out her positive qualities, encourage, motivate, and try to get it again. So it would help if you talked to yourself.

Allow yourself to rest

Do not blame yourself for taking a break. It is important to allow yourself to rest and have a good time, especially during a difficult time. This makes it possible to get more positive emotions, calm down, relieve stress.

If you need to lie in bed with a book, do it. Go to a beauty salon, take a walk, go to a party with your friends. Or spend the day alone with yourself by turning off your cell phone.

Rest can even help in making the right solution to the accumulated problems. In a pleasant environment for ourselves, doing what we love, we think more positively, which helps.

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