Overpacking! German police put overloaded Smart aside

That vacationers sometimes fill their cars with luggage is almost known, but a Lithuanian motorist who was arrested yesterday on the German motorway A9 turned out to have made it very furry. His grief was so extreme that the 52-year-old driver could barely move.

The traffic police of the Hofer district spotted the car and directed the Smart to the Lipperts-West parking lot. There, the man, after squeezing himself out of the car with some difficulty, was confronted with his unsafe behavior.

He turned out not to have a valid driver’s license. Furthermore, the vehicle was not inspected and uninsured. The man was hurled at the ticket and was not allowed to drive further.

“At around 4.30pm, officials checked the 52-year-old driver from Lithuania. Due to the loading of the vehicle, the visibility was significantly impaired and thus the traffic safety is no longer given. In addition, since the beginning of 2019, there has been no valid approval for the Smart and thus no longer any insurance cover. Furthermore, the man could not show a valid driver’s license,” Police Headquarter stated.

According to the police, overpacking of passenger cars occurs regularly, especially during the holiday season. The German police warn of dangerous situations and call the Smart – which was crammed full from front to back and from floor to roof – one of the most extreme cases ever.

You can see that clearly on a photo of the vehicle. The man even had a cool box in front of the driver’s seat, while the view to the right was completely impossible due to a rather absurd amount of stuff. The destination of the Lithuanian is unknown.

Overpacking! German police put overloaded Smart aside
©Police headquarters Upper Franconia

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