Painful but also illegal kick echoes in the MMA world: “He was in pain”

The very bizarre moment during the MMA event ‘Bellator 223’, which took place in Wembley last weekend. The party suddenly stopped, after the Brazilian Jorge Kanella (32) had just unpacked with an unusual attack in the noble parts of his opponent.

When Kanella had the British Alfie Davis in their camp in the lightweights against the canvas, he surprised with a shrewd kick in the bottom. And Davis felt that clearly. While the social media responded with disbelief, referee Kevin MacDonald devised the Brazilian for his very unorthodox kick with a penalty.

In the end, Davis won the camp after a unanimous decision of the jury, but the stairs sizzled logically. Certainly, because Kanella thought that Davis “simulated” the pain, so as to burden his opponent with a penalty point.

“I stepped into his bottom and that is normal. That is not illegal,” says Kanella at MMA Junkie. “If you look closely at the images, I won’t kick him right where he says it was. Well, he played well of course.”

Davis, for his part, took it up sportingly. “I have felt that staircase where you do not want to feel it,” he said. “Yes, in the back of my precious parts. If we were facing each other, he could never do such a thing. Nobody gets a kick like that, also because it is a mistake of course. (laughs) When I got up, I felt it right in ‘the gooch’ (street language for that sensitive area, ed.). But not if you get a kick in it.”

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