Photo of 6-month little girl who makes friends with a strange man

A photo of a little girl who makes friends with a strange man at an American airport, conquers the hearts of the internet community. The photo, which was made and shared online by the girl’s father, aroused worldwide endearment and is praised for the positive message the father gives.

Motivationalist Kevin Armentrout and his sixteen months old daughter Carter Jean and his wife were on their way from Las Vegas to San Diego, when the little girl “as usual” went for a walk in the departure hall “to say hello to as many people as possible.” Until she met the strange man.

Little girl

Soon she met the strange man ‘Joseph Wright’, who was also waiting for his plane. The black man and the little girl could soon find each other well, as witnessed by the forty-five-minute-long conversation the couple had about Snoopy and cartoons. The little girl offered the man snacks, he showed her in turn how to make drawings on his tablet.

Photo of 6-month little girl who makes friends with a strange man
Carter Jean and Joseph Wright

“Dear friends despite so many differences”

The amused father of Carter Jean captured the cozy scene and shared the photo his little girl with the strange man on Facebook

the next day. “While looking at them as they shared those moments together, I could not help myself and I thought: ‘different genera, different races, different generations and the best friends’. This is the world I want for her”, writes Armentrout under the picture. “In a country that always hears it is so deeply divided by different beliefs, I want her life to be filled with moments like this … Not liberal or conservative or republican or democratic, socialist or capitalist … just human.”

Then he turned to the strange man himself. “Joseph from Oklahoma, if this message happens to you, I want to thank you for showing Carter Jean my daughter what kindness and compassion mean. Continue to radiate your light on the world.”

To strange man

The message, which initially appeared on Facebook, was massively shared and has indeed also reached Joseph Wright. According to friends and family of the man, who reacted in the comments under the message, this photo does not surprise them. “He is the most gentle and sweet man you can imagine.”

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