Photos of Dallol volcano and otherworldly landscapes of Ethiopia

Take a look at these breathtaking views! What do you suppose the locations of these sceneries are? These aren’t images from another planet, frames from a full film, or photoshopped together. So, view photos of Dallol, the most fascinating and bizarre volcano on the earth, in Ethiopia.

It’s in Ethiopia’s northeast, in the Afar region, specifically in the Danakil depression, which is 48 meters below sea level. Natural sulfur hills surround the Dallol Volcano that rises to 60 meters in height.

Take a look at this strange color scheme! Colors such as white, yellow, turquoise, and red are achieved by combining different potassium salt ions. After the eruption and explosion in 1926, Dallol became quiet, and an entire lake of acid developed in the volcano’s crater.

Bright yellow color of Dallol volcano
The bright yellow color of the Dallol volcano

The continual emission of gas creates a magical atmosphere evocative of space monsters’ breath. Dallol is rightfully featured in the world’s brightest places due to its vibrant color palette.

The locals add to the mystique surrounding this volcanic crater. Legend has it that Dallol is the entrance to hell. According to legend, God’s wrath engulfs all unbelievers and sinners in this pit.

The bright yellow color of the Dallol volcano
The bright yellow color of the Dallol volcano

When you consider that the average temperature is close to 40 degrees Celsius, and summer temperatures seldom go below 45 degrees, it’s easy to believe. Local inhabitants are said to be the volcano’s defenders. They claim to be exceedingly aggressive toward anybody that enters their life, and that they may be incredibly harsh in doing so.

According to scientists, the distinctive structure of the Dallol volcano is attributed to an explosion of basaltic magma just under the volcano’s body.

It has a 1.5 x 3 kilometer perimeter. The volcano stands above a thick layer of millennia-old sediments, with potassium salt deposits abounding in the area.

Each year, around 1,000 tons of salt are ejected from mineral springs. Camel caravans deliver cut rectangular slabs of the earth’s crust for further processing in a methodical manner.

Different colors of the Dallol volcano
Different colors of the Dallol volcano

Tourists are also compelled to go by caravan to the Dallol volcano since there are no other options. However, keep in mind that this is a potentially deadly attraction. The volcano’s environs are deserted; this is the most remote place from any civilization.

Colorful volcano in Ethiopia
Colorful volcano in Ethiopia

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