Photoshop blunder: where did Kim Kardashian’s ass suddenly go?

Kim Kardashian is already under attack. The reason this time? On Instagram she shared a campaign image for her own make-up line, but her body seems to be extremely edited with Photoshop. And that can only rate her followers moderately.

The ass of Kim Kardashian: it is a true phenomenon. It has been told for years that Kim Kardashian edits every photo she shares through social media to make it look a bit better. And that is also the case this week, after the reality star shared a photo on Instagram to highlight her own brand. However, the criticism is striking: although there is usually a lot to do around the ‘bi’ forms of her buttocks, she would have just reduced her buttocks digitally.

“Your body is completely out of proportion”, the criticism sounds. Or also: “This does not look like Kim in the furthest distance”, “Extremely photoshopped. Really not cool”, “If she really had confidence she would not need all that Photoshop” and “Look at her thigh! Why is it so long?”.

Kim has not yet responded to the comment.

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