Kim Kardashian eyeshadow gets critics: “is there anything real about her?”

Kim Kardashian has once again brought out her best assets on Instagram. To promote her new make-up line, the 37-year-old reality star is posing completely naked, barely with a piece of cloth over her noble parts.

“A little silver eyes this morning”, Kim writes with the little concealing picture on Instagram. The snapshot is part of an advertising campaign for her new eyeshadow collection ‘Flashing Lights’, which is available from today.

However, the photos are received with mixed feelings. “You are so desperate” or “Just think about your children”, it sounds in the comments. One follower goes even a step further: “Plastic, Plastic, Plastic, is there anything real about her?” “Was this the best idea you could think of to promote eyeshadow?”, Someone asks.

In addition to the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ reality show, Kim has been focusing more on her own beauty brand KKW Beauty. With her 119 million followers on Instagram, including mainly young women, she has the ideal range for it.

Source: Instagram

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