Pierre Buyoya: ”new diversionary maneuver”

In Burundi, former President Pierre Buyoya reacted to the arrest warrant issued by the country’s current authorities against him.

In a statement released Sunday, he says it is a “simple political manipulation”.

The former head of state believes that this is “a new diversionary maneuver to forget unresolved painful issues”. He believes that the assassination of President Ndadaye twenty-five years ago has already been the subject of many. And varied treatment including the Arusha negotiations.

According to Pierre Buyoya, the reopening of the case comes at a time when “the government has chosen deliberately to immerse itself in the refusal of dialogue to resolve the crisis it has itself provoked”.

Burundi has launched an international arrest warrant against former Burundi President Pierre Buyoya and 16 former top officials for their alleged role in the 1993 assassination of former president Melchior Ndadaye.

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