Police put detection message on Facebook, wanted criminal answers

A hilarious but bizarre scene occurred last week on Facebook. After the police in Richland, in the US state of Washington, posted a picture of a wanted criminal on Facebook, no one less than the man himself answered the message. “Calm down, I’m going to turn myself in”, he wrote. But that did not end the stocking.

It started with a simple search message, last Wednesday. In a post on Facebook, the Richland police said they were looking for 38-year-old Anthony Akers. The man had violated the conditions of his probation penalty, thereby risking a prison sentence. And so, the surprise with the police was probably big when the man himself responded to Facebook post. “Calm down, I’m going to turn myself in”, he wrote. The comment has been liked more than four thousand times.


It would have remained there if Akers had kept his promise. But the thirty-something apparently never showed up at the police station. One day later, the police department wrote a friendly ‘reminder’ to him. “Hey Anthony! We haven’t seen you yet,” it indicates. “If you need a ride, you can call the general number and we will pick you up.”

Again, Anthony let himself be heard. “Thanks, I am still trading a number of things here since I will be staying there for a month (in the cell, nvdr). It should be within 48 hours.”

Meanwhile, the conversation had already attracted a lot of online fans, who enjoyed watching the exchange on Facebook. Some of them let them know that they are even thumbs for the fate of the criminal.

Fear of commitment

After Akers did not come forward after his previous promise, he wrote a particularly tender message to the police. “Dear RPD (Richland Police Department, ed), it’s not you, it’s me. I obviously have commitment issues,” he writes.

“I apologize for letting you sit, but let me make it up. I will not be there later than the afternoon tomorrow. I know you have no reason to believe me, but I promise that if I do not get myself to tomorrow afternoon, I will call a driver to help me with my fear of commitment. “He says good-bye with a big wink. “If you give me another chance for ‘us’, I know I do not deserve it. PS You are beautiful.”

“For our date”

But Akers did not keep his word again. As a result, the police swung the conversation again. “Dear Anthony, is it up to us?” The police asked in a new message. “Last Wednesday we let you know that you were” wanted. “You answered and even said that you were going to indicate yourself. We waited, but you did not show up. After you left us, we contacted again – this time we offered you a ride. You answered and said that you needed 48 hours. The weekend came and went. We begin to think that you are not coming. Please call us at any time and we’ll come to you.”

That seemed to hit a “sensitive string” at Akers. On Tuesday, six days after the investigation, he went to the police around four o’clock in the afternoon. For the occasion he posted a selfie. “Here for our date, Sweetheart,” he wrote.

This ended the whole dialogue. The police confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the man had indeed indicated. The department said that they were surprised by the attention the conversation had drawn on Facebook, and that it is sometimes good to show that they too have a “sense of humour”.

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