A policeman beats a woman carrying a baby in a bank [Video]

A video showing a policeman in Ghana beating a woman carrying a baby in a bank in Accra has become viral on social media, drawing the condemnation and indignation of many Ghanaians.

In this video, the policeman named Fred Amanor is captured beating a woman holding a baby in her hands.

The reports collected indicate that the lady went to the bank to withdraw money. But after waiting for hours because of a connection problem, she is asked to go home and return the next day.

The woman categorically refused, insisting on getting her money back, which prompted the police officer to chase her away.

The video that was apparently recorded by a spectator captured the policeman hitting the woman until people intervened to stop him.

However, the officer continued to abuse the lady who, in turn, firmly held his shirt and refused to let him go.

A policeman beats a woman carrying a baby in a bank (VIDEO)

The police officer has since been arrested to answer for his act, with the woman receiving money and donations in kind from the public.

This incident comes at a time when the Ghana Police Service has been criticized for a number of actions, ranging from negligence to misconduct and harassment.

Watch the video below…


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