Pros and Cons of a job as a cleaning service

There are over 1 million cleaning women and men globally, but what exactly does such a job entail? What are the pros and cons? Overviews of the pros and cons of a job as a cleaning service.

As a household help via the service voucher system, as people get to employ, you work exclusively in the private sphere, to clean houses or to fix windows. Outside your private sphere, you can get a permanent job at a company, hospital, or school. Afrinik explains the advantages and disadvantages of a job as a cleaning service.

The advantages:

  • The household services sector is characterized by high levels of undeclared work in most countries. The service voucher system, on the other hand, leads to high-quality employment: the employer is responsible for recruitment, guidance, and structure within a legal framework. As a result, you enjoy a fixed salary and all social benefits as an employee.
  • As a household help with service checks, you decide for yourself what your job will look like. You indicate how much you want to work weekly and at what hours, as well as which tasks you prefer. This way you create the ideal work-life balance for yourself.
  • You work at different customers’ homes and get to know new people.
  • Your job package is very varied as a household help: with one customer you mainly clean, with the next, you make sure that the ironing is done. For the elderly couple around the corner, you go shopping, cook, and do the dishes.
  • Customers are very grateful for the help you offer to clean the house again.
  • You often work close to home and it is also possible to nominate your customers.

The cons:

  • You come into contact with other people’s hygiene. Service check companies do provide the necessary protective equipment and clear safety instructions are also available. All parties involved will be able to see these to be able to work safely.
  • You come into contact with cleaning products. They can be harmful to health if used incorrectly. Here too, cleaning assistants and private individuals receive the correct guidelines to use the appropriate products correctly.
  • As a cleaning service, you practice a physically intense job. It is important to get the right training on ergonomics through your employer. In addition to the mandatory 11-hour starter training course, service voucher companies often offer additional training, such as general or individual ergonomics coaching, training on dealing with difficult situations, or training on self-confidence and assertiveness.

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