Rayan Moroccan toddler is buried today

The 5-year-old Moroccan toddler Rayan, whose body was retrieved from a deep well after days of rescue on Saturday, will be buried on Monday in the village of Ighrane, where the accident also took place. That’s what a provincial representative and a relative of the boy said.

A cousin also said that Rayan’s body was first taken to a military hospital in the capital Rabat. An autopsy was probably performed there, although nothing has been officially released.

Rayan fell into a dry well on Tuesday afternoon and got stuck at a depth of 32 meters. The shaft was too narrow for anyone to descend. Rescuers, therefore, dug a huge hole next to the well and then a horizontal tunnel to the boy. When rescuers

finally managed to reach him on Saturday evening, it turned out that they were too late.

Thousands of people had gathered in the vicinity of the well in recent days. They sang, prayed, and applauded in sympathy to encourage rescuers.

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